Our Mission

Optimal-Use provides healthcare organizations an objective view of their environment.  We integrate analysis of process, program and space to find the most effective and fiscally responsible solutions to  facility and operational challenges.

Optimal-Use is dedicated to addressing clients space and facility constraints by a practical application of  analysis tools and creativity. We bring the right tools and mindset to the issue, without  preconception.

Our Story

Steve Clayman, Founder

Steve Clayman, Founder

Optimal-Use was started by healthcare architects who saw a need for an alternate approach to solving facility problems. By the time they became involved, it was too late to consider bigger questions such as: Why is the project being done? What is the long term effect? Is it really a process problem? Does this provide real value to patients, staff and the institution? We also found that consultants who focused only on Lean and Process Improvement did not understand the significant implications of the built environment. 

Over the years we have shifted our focus to become expert in Healthcare delivery processes. We have developed tools to help our clients objectively analyze their needs. Creativity is part of our DNA. This is merged  with scientific discipline to find the right solutions supported by evidence.

We created Optimal-Use to help healthcare organizations ask the right questions, and find the most effective answers.