Our First Blog

Welcome to Optimal-Uses new website.  We are very excited to have this new web presence.  We can now get the word out about our unique approach to solving facility operational challenges for our healthcare providers. 

This is also the start of my blog about healthcare, space, process and analysis.  I hope you find the discussion insightful and useful.  Of course, I would appreciate your feedback. 

I am often asked..     "Your background is architecture yet you're trying to avoid building things."  This doesn’t make sense.

There is a simple answer.  We want to do the right thing for our clients, and our society.  The money spent on healthcare is not sustainable and will likely decrease.  Our goal, and reason for existence,  is to help healthcare organizations find the best solutions to their care environments by looking at the big picture. To analyze and find root causes of perceived space issue and develop fiscally responsible solutions.

I look forward to our discussion. 


Steve Clayman